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Holiday Traditions of Delhi Past

You did it! Finals are drawing to a close, classes are over and a blanket of white has settled over the hills at Delhi. The Resnick Library would like to offer a heartfelt congratulations to all students, especially the one’s graduating on Friday. You worked hard this semester (we have the use statistics to show … Continue reading

Winter Storm Hours – Wednesday

The library is open for business!  We will remain open today until midnight. The library cafe is open until 1pm today, as well. The library will re-open at 7:30am tomorrow (Thursday) and should be back to normal hours.

Winter Storm Special Library Hours

We’ll be open until midnight tonight (Tues 12/9) and opening at 7:30 am tomorrow, Wed 12/10. Closing hours tomorrow will be announced when we know them. Library Cafe will open at 7:30am on Wed.  Thanks to all our staff and student workers who help keep the library open!

Family Story Month

As discussed in a previous blog, there are a lot of ways to start talking with family   members and to begin sharing and recording family stories. Here are a few other suggestions: Family Scrapbook – this one can be done very easily if everyone takes a special family memory and creates a page for the … Continue reading

Article Linking Outage, UPDATE 11/12/14

Update, Wednesday 11/12: Article linking and search by journal title functionality appears to have returned. We have not yet received official word from the vendor that the problem is resolved, however, so please contact the library  (607-746-4644 or if you continue to experience problems with these services. Thank you for your patience. We are … Continue reading

November is for sharing

November is the official start of the holiday season, at least when I think of it. I love the thought of gathering together with my family and friends on Thanksgiving, listening to their stories and recounting my own. It is a time when we look back and reflect, and are thankful for the people in … Continue reading

Trick or Treat!

It’s that time of year again. Scary movies on TV and candy everywhere. The inevitable question, what are you going to be for Halloween? But, what is Halloween, where did the idea come from? Today, it is the 2nd most commercial holiday in the United States, with only Christmas surpassing it. Children dress up and … Continue reading

Database Trial: BuildingGreen Suite

Resnick Library is currently running a trial of a new database called BuildingGreen Suite. This database provides articles, case studies, product listings, and many other resources for the study of sustainable building practices. Click on the logo below to access BuildingGreen Suite: Take advantage of State University of New York at Delhi’s campus-wide subscription to … Continue reading

Celebrate your freedom to read!

Celebrate your freedom to read with Banned Books Week at the Resnick Library! Have you ever read anything that a friend didn’t like, or that a parent didn’t approve of? What if you had been told that because of their disapproval, that book was going to be removed from the library and access to it … Continue reading