Read-In Feb 12 @ Library Cafe

Read-In Sunday 2/12 4pm at the Library.
Everyone in the campus community is invited to the 17th Annual African-American Read-In. This year it is Sunday, February 12 @ 4pm in the Resnick Library Cafe (delayed a week to accommodate the Super Bowl).

This is a unique opportunity to get together informally with fellow students and faculty. It’s a chance to read and discuss a piece of writing that means something to you. It’s a time to listen to others and hear a new poem or story.

What do you have to do?
Just show up, no sign-up necessary. Bring a selection from a story, poem, play or novel to share with the group. If time allows, you can read more than one piece. Refreshments will be served.

This is a time to celebrate the literary heritage of our african-american authors, so please bring appropriate works. We have a great selection of novels, stories and poetry already pulled from the library collection available near the cafe entrance. Original works of your own creation are also welcomed.

For information about the history of the Read-In, visit

I’ve been sifting through my favorite books and am having a hard time deciding what to read. It’s hard to choose from among James Baldwin, John Edgar Wideman, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker, Ernest Gaines and Walter Mosley. What will you read?

Questions? email me, Pam Peters @ or stop by the Writing Center and speak with Sharon Ruetnik. See you then! -Pam

And So It Begins…

Both the Spring semester, and this blog, I mean. The library staff will be using this space as a means of keeping the campus better informed about what we offer and how we can help. This will take the place of our previously web-based monthly newsletter. This new format will allow us to update more frequently, so we can get information to you in time for you to actually use it, we hope 🙂