Finding Images on the Web – Draw your Search

A couple new tools for finding pictures online…

Retrievr – Draw what you’re looking for, and this search engine does it’s best to match it with images that fit the color or shape of your drawing. Click at your own risk – you might lose an hour just playing around with this.

Ask Jeeves Picture Search – Ask just launched a new and improved image search engine. It has a nice filtering feature. Say you type in ‘bass’; you can click a link on the side narrowing that down to pictures of the musical instrument (as opposed to the fish). It also allows you to check images that you want to save as you go along.

If you haven’t ever used it, you may also want to check out Flickr. This is quite useful simply as a search tool, but you can also create a free account, and upload and share your own pictures here.


3 thoughts on “Finding Images on the Web – Draw your Search

  1. Pam February 16, 2006 / 4:07 pm

    I really like the Ask Jeeves engine. I did an image search in both Google and Jeeves for the painter “William H Johnson.” Ask Jeeves immediately returned a collection of Johnson’s paintings and gave me excellent links I could follow on related artists from the Harlem Renaissance, like Romare Bearden, Countee Cullen and Zora Neale Hurston. When I limited the search to museums and universities (add ‘’ at end of keywords), the quality of the results were even better. -Pam

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