Free Trial: CQ Researcher Plus Archive…2 more weeks

Trial access is available for the CQ Researcher Plus Archive database through Friday, April 28th. A great resource for public policy issues, CQ Researcher offers thorough, balanced reports, covering the background and development of a controversy or public policy problem, the current situation and a future outlook on the issue. These reports include pro/con essays, as well as a chronology of relevant events and legislation. Recent report topics include Future of Feminism, Nuclear Energy, and Presidential Power.

With reports going back to 1923, CQ Researcher Plus Archive is also a useful source for historical topics like prohibition, the Great Depression era, WWII, civil rights and desegregation, foreign relations and the Cold War, etc.

To access, go to
Username=delhi and Password=trial.


One thought on “Free Trial: CQ Researcher Plus Archive…2 more weeks

  1. Steve Zukaitis April 18, 2006 / 3:54 pm

    The online CQ Researcher was certainly convenient and simple to use. I found it easy to establish a profile. The search process was also simple although like most search engines did produce many irrelevant hits. But since these irrelevant hits come up on a computer it was very simple to filter them out. The ease and convenience of researching from my computer at home is a great benefit all by itself but the best advantage may be the timeliness of the available information. Books begin to age as soon as they are printed. That might not be an issue for a classic novel but reference information needs to be up to date. This is especially true when researching current issues and topics. My search with the online CQ researcher produced a very relevant and recent article that was not in the hard cover texts at the library. Timely information and efficient retrieval of that information make the online CQ Researcher a valuable asset to the library and students.

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