Nursing Journals in ScienceDirect

To find a list of the 160+ nursing journals available to you electronically through ScienceDirect database…’re just two clicks away:

1. Go to ScienceDirect. Note: From off-campus, remember to enter your 800# to access ScienceDirect.

2. On the left menu, you’ll see Browse by Title, Browse by Subject. Scroll down and select Nursing and Health Professions (under “Health Sciences” category).

You can then look at articles in a particular journal, or search by subject/keyword across all publications in the database.

NOTE: We do not subscribe to *everything* in ScienceDirect. To the left of each title is a green or white icon indicating SUBSCRIBED (green) or NON-SUBSCRIBED (white). You can also select JUST the subscribed titles (full-text available) in the Browsing menu.

Ask for help anytime by emailing, calling or IM-ing your librarians.



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