Nursing Multicultural Health Care Project

For your project, you are asked to choose an ethnic group and examine cultural values, family relationships, diet/nutrition – or- choose a religion and examine beliefs related to birth, death and dying.

There are plenty of resources available to you on site at the Library or through the library web site. Read on!

You’ll be using three basic resources for this project:

–Reference handbooks, encyclopedias and other books in the library (see our Health and Culture guide or search in the library catalogs yourself) Great for getting a quick overview of a religion or cultural group.

–Nursing and health care journal articles. These articles will be more focused on a specific topic. Use the “E-Resources by Subject” link off the library home page to access the various search engines (CINAHL, ScienceDirect, etc.). Most of these search engines will deliver the article to your desktop….or you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. Ask a librarian for details.

–Web sites (see the list of great resources we’ve already located, or try your own searching)

To get started… on the library E-Resources by subject page, scroll down to “Multicultural Topics” and “Nursing, Health” to get into the various search engines like CINAHL, World Cultures Today, etc.

How to cite your sources….
The Resnick Library APA guide shows you how to cite the most common sources you will encounter in your research. For more information, ask a librarian.

Let us know if we can help!
Pam, Angela, and Steve


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