Wine Display @ Resnick Library

Satisfy Your Taste for More Wine Information!

Visit the Resnick Library Wine Exhibit, courtesy of the Hospitality Department and Generous Contributors.

When asked, “what kind of wine do you prefer?” do you:

a. wish you were 21
b. respond, “depends on who’s buying”
c. name a color (red, white, pink)
d. say, “I really don’t know”
e. ask, “what food is being served?”
f. other (bet there’s some good ones too)

Today’s consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and versatile in selecting wine for purchase. No longer is it proper wine etiquette to drink specific wines with given foods. Wine lovers and novices alike should drink the variety of wine they enjoy, when and with what they like. Educating one’s palette should be an enjoyable and lifelong pursuit.

Thanks to Instructor Don Reynolds, student George Udovich, Alumni Coordinator Aliza Rutledge, and supportive contributors Resnick Library is hosting an informative wine exhibit through March.

Those interested in pursuing more information are invited to search the Resnick Library catalog for the many informative books, articles, and DVDs on the subject. Additionally, the following course is offered on campus Fall Semester 2009:

HOSP 250 – Wine, Life and Society
3 credit hours
Aug 31,2009 – Dec 18,2009
Tues/Thurs: 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Sanford Hall 116
Instructor: Gennaro Pellegrino

COURSE DESCRIPTION: We will be discussing wine styles, wines paired with food, and the relationships to beer, sake’ spirits, tea, coffee & water. Students will prepare papers on wine styles and how to create food pairings with all the beverages covered in the course. Periodic tasting will be part of the course. We will discuss procurement, protocols and glassware.

PRE-REQUISITES: None, but you must be 18 years old.

The Resnick Library and Hospitality Department hope to see you there!


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