New Emergency Summer Password for Databases

A new emergency summer password has been created for the databaess (where it asks for your 800#).  The summer password will be in place until the beginning of the fall 2009 semester.

If your 800# is not working, this password can be used in its place.  The spring 2009 password will work for one more week, and then it will be removed.  In order to keep it secured, it can be viewed on the Library’s Vancko Hall page in the News Forums and Databases Forums.  There is also a troubleshooting guide on the Library’s VH page if you are having difficulties with the databases.  If you have any questions, please contact the library.

Free Books

The Resnick Library is offering free books!  Most of the titles are from the construction and technology subject areas, and the cart will be on the main floor of the library until the end of the semester.  Take as many as you can carry!  The titles and their publication dates are listed below:

Home construction and estimating / 1979
Hand woodworking tools 1962
Design of plumbing and drainage systems. 1963
Simplified stair layout, 1973
Plumbing. 1960
Plumbing fundamentals / 1981
Standard plumbing engineering design / 1982
House in my head 1967
How to build a vacation or retirement house, 1968
America’s handyman book, 1970
Building a new, buying an old, remodeling a used, comprehensive home and shelter how-to-do-it book / 1976
Low-cost, energy-efficient shelter for the owner and builder / 1976
How to build country homes on a budget / 1975
Illustrated housebuilding. 1974
Complete book of masonry, cement and brickwork. 1976
Good shelter : a guide to mobile, modular, and prefabricated houses, including domes / 1975
Earth sheltered residential design manual / 1982
Masons and builders library / 1984
Carpentry in residential construction / 1981
Initial skills in bricklaying : a practical guide : prepared for vocational and non-vocational courses in colleges, training centres, workshops, and for self-teaching / 1981
Carpentry for the building trades. 1953
Carpenters and builders library, 1970
Modern carpentry; building construction details in easy-to-understand form, 1973
Strategy of contracting for profit 1966
Building trades blueprint reading 1972
Building trades blueprint reading 1974
Reading construction drawings / 1979
Estimating building construction: quantity surveying 1970
Planning and estimating heavy construction / 1984
Field inspection of building construction. 1958
Construction failure. 1968
Structure systems. 1968
Building failures; case studies in construction and design. 1962
Elementary structural analysis 1960
Policy on geometric design of rural highways, 1965 / 1966
Concrete, masonry, and brickwork : a practical handbook for the home owner and small builder / 1975
Concrete block construction 1973
Insulator’s estimating handbook : a reference book setting forth detailed procedures and cost guidelines for those involved in estimating and installing insulation / 1980
Contemporary curtain wall: its design, fabrication, and erection. 1958
Design and repair of residential and light commercial foundations / 1990
Wall book; the interior walls of your home and how to build them, move them, and tear them down, how to decorate them with paint, paper, panelling, mirrors, tiles, carpets, and hundreds of other things. 1974
Reinhold data sheets for architects, engineers, designers, draftsmen 1965
Architectural graphic standards 1970
Super insulated houses and double envelope houses : a survey of principles and practice / 1981
Thermal design of buildings; a guide to economically sound thermal design of heated, air conditioned, or refrigerated buildings for use by architects, home builders, and building owners during preliminary design stages. 1964
Roof framing / 1976
Random length wood decking (two-inch nominal thickness). 1959
Building defects and maintenance : essential information from the Building Research Establishment. 1977
Manual of built-up roof systems, 1970
Audels practical guide to building maintenance. 1966
House construction : a guide to buying, building and evaluating / 1976
Building construction : materials and methods / 1980
Reinforced concrete design handbook; working stress method, 1965
Construction of prestressed concrete structures 1971
Design of steel structures 1968
Concrete and masonry : techniques and design / 1975
Simplified concrete masonry planning and building / 1981
Design of prestressed concrete structures. 1955
Basic concrete construction practices / 1975
Concrete form construction / 1977
Structures. 1956
Simplified design of reinforced concrete / 1976
Soil mechanics : principles and applications / 1976
Foundations: retaining and earth structures; the art of design and construction and its scientific basis in soil mechanics 1973
Fluid mechanics, with engineering applications 1954
Hydraulics and its applications. 1952
Landslides in clays, 1846; 1956
Soil mechanics, SI version / 1979
Inelastic steel structures, 1966
Constructional steelwork simply explained. 1960
Design in structural steel. 1953
Estimating standard densities for embankment and subgrade soils / 1969
Foundation engineering in difficult ground / 1978
Substructure analysis and design. 1956
Protective construction in a nuclear age; proceedings. 1961
General excavation methods. 1961
Modern techniques of excavation. 1956
Steel structures; design and behavior 1971
Structural systems / 1981
Fundamentals of structural design: steel, concrete, and timber 1975
Statics and strength of structures 1971
Experimental stress analysis and motion measurement: theory, instruments and circuits, techniques 1964
Concrete technology / 1977
Interpretation of aerial photographs; an introductory college textbook and self-instruction manual. 1962
Handbook of survey notekeeping. 1962
Elementary structural analysis and design: steel, timber, and reinforced concrete 1965
Elementary surveying. 1949
Prestressed concrete for architects and engineers. 1964
Engineering approach to improved protection of structural steel. 1966
Designer’s guide to modern steels. 1967
Surveying fundamentals / 1991
Practical quality control for concrete / 1978
Masonry problem clinic / 1988
Introduction to load bearing brickwork design / 1981
Concrete and masonry problem clinic. 1990
Concrete construction handbook. 1974
Simplified concrete masonry planning and building 1972
Design of prestressed concrete beams; with tables for the determination of beam cross sections. 1960
Handy man’s concrete and masonry handbook, 1960
How to work with concrete and masonry. 1968
Formwork for concrete structures / 1976
Suggested unit course in concrete form construction. 1946
Optimum structural design. 1971
Structural analysis of shells 1972
Design of wood structures / 1988
Wood technology in the design of structures / 1989
Strength of materials / 1965
Construction materials for architects and designers / 1990
Construction materials and processes 1972
Dynamics of technical controversy / 1981
Strength of materials / 1977
Materials science in engineering 1974
Mechanics of materials 1967
Mechanics of materials 1970
Mechanics of deformable solids 1964
Concrete engineering handbook. 1961
Special concretes and concrete products / 1975
Lightweight concrete / 1978
Wood handbook : wood as an engineering material / 1987
Composition and properties of concrete 1968
Wood construction, principles-practice-details; a project of the National committee on wood utilization, 1929
Concrete: properties and manufacture. 1962
Concrete manual : a manual for the control of concrete construction. 1981
Portland cement and asphalt concretes. 1963
Properties of concrete 1973
Freezing and thawing of concrete; mechanisms and control 1966
Strain gage primer 1962
Macro : a clear vision of how science and technology will shape our future / 1983
Careers in engineering and technology / 1984
Professional achievement for engineers and scientists; how to earn more money and greater success in engineering and science. 1963
Engineering in history 1956
Man, the builder 1970
Audels answers on blue print reading, 1966
How to read shop drawings, with special reference to welding and welding symbols. Welding symbols as standardized by the American Welding Society. 1961
Technical illustration 1968
Exhibitions and displays, 1957
Benjamin Henry Latrobe & Moncure Robinson : the engineer as agent of technological transfer / 1975
Dymaxion world of Buckminster Fuller. 1960
Applied experimental psychology; human factors in engineering design 1949
Engineering mechanics: statics and dynamics, 1964
Engineering mechanics : statics and dynamics / 1960
Systems analysis; a diagnostic approach. 1967
Systems: research and design; proceedings. 1961
Engineering contracts and specifications. 1963
Vibration problems in engineering, 1955
Critical path methods in construction practice 1970
Industrial process measuring instruments. 1962
Industrial instrumentation fundamentals. 1962
Introduction to solid mechanics. 1963
Engineering mechanics 1962
Human factors engineering 1964
Introduction to mechanics 1968
Planning and analysis of construction operations / 1992
Friends in high places : the Bechtel story : the most secret corporation and how it engineered the world / 1988
Probability and statistics in engineering and management science / 1980
Statics and strength of materials 1960
Applied mechanics 1943
Readings in industrial and business psychology. 1962
Systematic motion and time study, 1947
Trade union analysis of time study. 1955
Management and the worker : an account of a research program conducted by the Western Electric Company, Hawthorne Works, Chicago / 1939
Elements of supervision 1957
Scientific management and labor. 1966
Work systems design: the IDEALS concept. 1967
Course construction in industrial arts, vocational and technical education 1967
Instructional systems development for vocational and technical training 1972
Robotics in practice : management and applications of industrial robots / 1980
Practical automation; methods for increasing plant productivity 1957
Motion and time study: design and measurement of work. 1963
Modern basic drafting / 1975
Engineering drawing. 1958
Engineering drawing and graphic technology 1972
Technical illustration : procedure and practice / 1965
Introductory graphics 1958
Fundamentals of engineering drawing 1960
Higher education developments : the technological universities, 1956-1976 / 1978
Managing engineering and research; the principles and problems of managing the planning, development and execution of engineering and research activities 1963
Mechanical drawing / 1980
Technical drafting : metric design and communication / 1980
Design graphics 1968
Engineering graphics 1962
Basic drawing for engineering technology 1964
Drafting fundamentals 1963
Fundamentals of engineering drawing for design, product development, and numerical control / 1981
Existential pleasures of engineering / 1976
Dialogue on technology 1967
Technical report writing 1965
Style manual for technical writers and editors. 1962
Scientific thinking and scientific writing. 1961
New American revolution; the dawning of the technetronic era, 1972
American technological sublime / 1994
God that limps : science and technology in the eighties / 1981
Republic of technology : reflections on our future community / 1978
Philosophy and technology : toward a new orientation in modern thinking / 1977
Innovators; how today’s inventors shape your life tomorrow. 1969
Technology in Western civilization. 1967
Men, machines and history; the story of tools and machines in relation to social progress, 1966
Short history of technology from the earliest times to A.D. 1900, 1961
Offshore drilling costs and benefits. 1976
Elements of the scientific paper / 1985
Scientists must write : a guide to better writing for scientists, engineers and students / 1978
Presentation of technical information; based on four public lectures given at University College, London. 1957
Effective communication for engineers. 1975
Fundamentals of carpentry : practical construction / 1982
Carpentry and building construction / 1981
Framing, sheathing, and insulation 1973
Controlling pollution; the economics of a cleaner America. 1967
Restoring the quality of our environment. Report. 1965
Only earth we have. 1971
Environmental assessment & impact statement handbook / 1977
Against the grain : a carpentry manual for women / 1977
Crisis of survival 1970
Environmental pollution; a survey emphasizing physical and chemical principles. 1973
Environmental pollution: awareness and control 1974
Environmental impact data book / 1979
Energy needs and the environment. 1973
Transportation environmental review process : 10 reports prepared for the 54th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board. 1976
Report / 1969
Global effects of environmental pollution. 1970
Darkening land 1972
Ecology, pollution, environment / 1972
Our earth, ourselves : the action-oriented guide to help you protect and preserve our planet / 1990
Water supply and waste disposal, 1960
Earth and earth-rock dams; engineering problems of design and construction 1963
Construction of Hoover Dam : a historic account / 1976
How can our physical environment best be controlled and developed? 1970
Elements of water supply and wastewater disposal 1971
Water supply and waste-water disposal 1954
Pollution, 1971
Unit operations of sanitary engineering. 1961
Water supply and sewerage / 1979
Opportunities in environmental careers. 1971
Earthscape : a manual of environmental planning / 1978
Environmental crisis; man’s struggle to live with himself. Edited by Harold W. Helfrich, Jr. 1970
Water pollution: control and abatement [proceedings] 1967
Being There 2001
Coming water famine 1966
Death of the sweet waters 1966
Acid rain : the devastating impact on North America / 1982
Water for the cities; a history of the urban water supply problem in the United States. 1956
Design of water-resource systems; new techniques for relating economic objectives, engineering analysis, and governmental planning 1962
Going sour : science and politics of acid rain / 1985
Story of the Hoover Dam. 1985
Recommended standards for water works; policies for the review and approval of plans and specifications for public water supplies. 1968
Dams and control works. 1954
Design of small dams. 1960
Ponds for water supply and recreation / 1971
Ground water; its development, uses and conservation; 1947
Water and its impurities / 1963
Instrumental analysis for water pollution control 1971
Water research; economic analysis, water management, evaluation problems, water reallocation, political and administrative problems, hydrology and engineering, research programs and needs. [Papers] 1966
Water resources of a western New York region; a case study of water resources and use in the Genesee Valley and western Lake Ontario Basin. 1960
Water for a city; a history of New York City’s problem from the beginning to the Delaware River system 1974
Water supply engineering. 1962
Water crisis. 1967
Pollution in the air: problems, policies and priorities 1973
Animal factory / 1977
Delaware County comprehensive water supply study. 1969
Building construction handbook / 1975
Practices and methods of construction, b 1957
Simplified site engineering for architects and builders, 1954
Structures for building technicians / 1975
Construction planning, equipment, and methods / 1979
Building construction. 1970
Demineralization by electrodialysis. 1960
Water treatment; a survey of current methods of purifying domestic supplies and of treating industrial effluents and domestic sewage. 1971
Water purification control / 1975
Selected papers on desalination and ocean technology, 1968
Fluoridation of public water systems, requirements and procedures: engineering analysis, installations and facilities, public health precautions, operational considerations, safety, reliability. 1968
Sewerage and sewage treatment 1958
Design and construction of sanitary and storm sewers. 1969
Sewage treatment; basic principles and trends 1971
Air pollution handbook. 1956
Repairs, reuse, recycling–first steps toward a sustainable society / 1978
Solid waste disposal 1973
Soils and septic tanks / 1971
Lime use in wastewater treatment : design and cost data / 1975
Public cleansing: refuse disposal 1965
Simplified design of roof trusses for architects and builders. 1953
American building: materials and techniques from the first colonial settlements to the present. 1968
Highway engineering 1974
Rural water supply. 1966
Design and construction of asphalt pavements, 1958
Bituminous paving materials: symposium on methods of test for design of bituminous paving mixtures; symposium on practical and statistical significance of tests and properties of bituminous binders; session on road and paving materials. 1959
Asphalt concrete paving, street operations. 1967
Water pollution control in low density areas : proceedings of a rural environmental engineering conference / 1975
Introduction to the mechanics of deformable bodies / 1961
Route location and design, 1964
Asphalt pavement engineering 1967
Turning point of building; structure and design. 1961
Professional handbook of building construction / 1985
Fundamentals of air pollution 1973
Clean the air; fighting smoke, smog and smaze across the country. 1965
Air quality control : national issues, standards, and goals / 1975
Air pollution controls for urban transportation; 8 reports. 1973
Assessing transportation-related air quality impacts : proceedings of the Conference on the State of the Art of Assessing Transportation-Related Air Quality Impacts held October 22-24, 1975, in Washington, D.C. / 1976
Building construction; materials and types of construction 1974
Cost and effectiveness of automotive exhaust emission control regulations. 1979
Belles on their toes 1950
How do they cope with it? 1970
Earth manual; a guide to the use of soils as foundations and as construction materials for hydraulic structures. 1968
Methods engineering; design and measurement of work methods. 1962
Production handbook, 1958
Work, workers, and work measurement. 1956
Efficiency and uplift; scientific management in the progressive era, 1890-1920. 1964
Modern manufacturing formulary, compiled for chemists, manufacturers, pharmacists, technicians, and students. 1958
Practical and industrial formulary. 1962
Margins for survival : overcoming political limits in steering technology / 1979
Craftsmen of necessity 1974
Frederick W. Taylor and the rise of scientific management / 1980
Dynamic administration; the collected papers of Mary Parker Follett, 1942
Roadside development : 14 reports / 1963
Soil slopes and embankments; 8 reports prepared for the 52nd annual meeting. 1973
Freeways. 1966
Economic analysis for highways. 1969
Solar thermal engineering : space heating and hot water systems / 1980
History of American technology. 1956
Solar energy and building / 1975
Solar retrofit : adding solar to your home / 1981
Passive solar design and construction : an overview for professional builders and owner builders. 1980
Materials bank compendium of fire property data / 1980
Solar energy school heating augmentation experiment : design, construction and initial operation. 1974
Solar heating and cooling : engineering, practical design, and economics / 1977
China’s four modernizations : the new technological revolution / 1980
Plastering skill and practice 1953
Plumbers and pipe fitters library / 1983
Fire protection handbook / 1986
Handbook of air conditioning system design 1965
Solar heated buildings of North America : 120 outstanding examples / 1978
Fireplaces and wood stoves : how to build, buy, install, and use them / 1977
How to buy solar heating … without getting burnt! / 1978
Solar heating systems : analysis and design with the Sun-Pulse method / 1981
Building the solar home : some early lessons learned. 1978
Heating: a survey of the problems and some of the solutions available for domestic heating. 1967
Vocational plumbing / 1982
Solar homes and sun heating / 1976
Automatic control of heating and air conditioning. 1961
Basic guide to electric heating 1971
Heating handbook, a manual of standards, codes, and methods. 1964
Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning fundamentals / 1981
Buy wise guide to solar heat. 1976

Display Unit Unveiled at Dedication

Standing in front of our beautiful new display cabinet are Professor Nancy Macdonald and Provost Dennis Callas. Featured in the cabinet are works by over 18 faculty and staff from SUNY Delhi, including book cover art, poetry, sculpture, research articles and books.Cabinetmaker and the Provost
Cabinetmaker and the Provost

The unveiling was held in the Library on April 30, 2009 with an impressive crowd, including two of our online faculty who participated via web cast (through from Illinois and Israel!