Request New Books and DVDs through SUNYOne Pilot

SUNYOne Cooperative Library Pilot

Have you ever looked for a particular book or DVD only to find it’s not available at the Resnick Library or even another SUNY library?  With the launch of a new cooperative purchasing pilot, Delhi faculty, staff and students are  now able to request those hard to find items be purchased immediately for our library.  The ordering process is quick…often books/DVDs can be received and ready for you to use within 3-4 days.

Here’s what you need to do….

If you identify a book or DVD needed for research assignment or to supplement your coursework**, check for price (that’s the only vendor we’re using right now).  If it’s available at Amazon,  enter the information into the library “Suggest a Purchase” form on the library web site.  A librarian will get back to you within 24 hours with a decision about whether we can purchase that item or whether you should request it through ILLiad.

In the future we hope to make this “purchase on demand” system part of our interlibrary loan ILLiad system, where requests can be routed directly to a librarian for possible purchase.

**What we are NOT buying with the SUNYOne Pilot
– textbooks
– recreational materials
– ebooks or other electronic resources
– journals/articles

These you can still request through ILLiad.

Here’s more about the project…

SUNYOne Pilot, aka “The Diversifying SUNY Collections Project” has the goal of enriching the University’s library collections through purchasing materials that are currently not available in any SUNY library.  To be considered for purchase, items must be requested by faculty or students and be needed for course-related work or independent research.

Certain types of materials are not being considered for the pilot:  electronic resources, textbooks, and recreational materials.  The ten pilot campus began working in the fall of 2009 to figure out the logistics of pooling resources and purchasing cooperatively.   A single vendor was agreed upon ( and tools were created to manage the project’s initial purchases.   The pilot campuses pooled funds totaling $43,000 for the initial phase of the project.   That’s a lot of books!

Ordering commenced in January 2010, and within a few weeks, approximately 40 titles had been requested and ordered by faculty and students, totaling $1700. SUNY institutions involved are Brockport, University at Buffalo, Cortland, Delhi, Mohawk Valley, New Paltz, Oswego, Plattsburgh, Ulster, and Upstate Medical.  Background information about the purchase on demand project can be found in the April 2009 issue of SUNYergy.

Any questions, contact Pam Peters at or IM:  delhipam


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