New journal linking services

In the upcoming year, the library will be working to implement a new search tool called EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). This tool will allow users to search multiple library resources at once in a convenient, easy-to-use interface. In preparation for this new tool, a few of the tools used for linking to full-text articles have changed. 

The e-journal finder (accessed from the left menu of the library’s website, Find Articles -> By Journal Title) is one of these features. This is used when you have a specific article/journal title in mind and want to see which databases might have the full-text. The new system works the same, but looks different. If you have links to the old site ( in any of your online courses or personal web pages, please change the URL to The old URL will continue to function for the rest of the year, but we will not be maintaining it and the content may not be accurate. I have also created a short video demonstrating how to use this tool:
A related tool that has also changed is the citation linker (from the left menu, Find Articles-> By Exact Citation). This is most often used to locate an article by its DOI, but can also be used to enter citation information and be taken directly to an article’s full text. The new URL is Again, if you linked to this tool in any of your courses, please change the address.
You will also notice when searching the databases that the “360 Link to Full Text” icon that links users to other sources for full text has changed. The new icon looks like this:  Link to Full Text. Again, the appearance is different but it functions the same.
Links to these services from all library pages have been edited, but if for some reason you have a direct link to one of these in any of your courses, please edit them as described above. If you need any assistance with this process or have questions about these new tools, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda Mitchell (x4734,

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