Book Display: Spring is Here

The students of HONR 220 have created their final book display, and this blog post is brought to you by Selena Deeley. The library staff would like to thank all the students in the class for their work on these displays this semester and we hope you’ll stop by and take a look!

For the month of April and May, the students from HONR 220 present the theme of travel, leisure, and recreation. Our bookshelf in the library includes movies and titles covering a wide range of topics covering month sports, the National Parks, and various popular vacation destinations. With spring weather finally upon us, travel, leisure, and recreation means it is time to go outside and have fun.

The class chose travel leisure and recreation because after a long cold winter we want you to fully enjoy the spring weather, whether its picking up a book like Football for Dummies to learn a new sport, or taking inspiration from a book about American baseball heroes. If sports aren’t your thing, maybe try a book about the outdoor parks and trails in the Catskills, or another one about a faraway destination. Our theme is focused mainly on the outdoor aspects of travel and recreation because of the approaching warm weather.

If you are still lacking inspiration or ideas for some exiting outdoor activities, or you’re simply interested in the topics we chose, we’d like to invite you to stop our shelf and check out a book.

The students of HONR 220 pose with their book display
The students of HONR 220 pose with their book display

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