A visit from the Library Genie

During the month of March, Resnick Library has a question for you:

If a library genie could grant you three library wishes, what would they be?

genie survey displayLook for the display table in the library to fill out a slip with your three wishes and drop them into our magic lamp! Online students can submit their wishes here.

Q and A

Q: How long do I have to make wishes?
A: The lamp will be available in the library until Friday, April 3rd, the last day before Spring Break.

Q: Can I put more than three wishes in the lamp?
A: Everyone remembers the immortal words of the genie in Disney’s Aladdin: “Ixnay on the wishing for more wishes!” However, if you’ve weighed the consequences and you think you can get away with it, wish as many times as you want.

Q: Is there really a library genie who will grant these wishes?
A: Maybe… the library genie will try to grant as many wishes as possible this semester, but all wishes will be considered for future library plans and decision-making. Keep an eye on the display to see if your wish has been granted!

Q: What magic lamp? All I see is a watering can.
A: Well, if a library genie could grant our wishes, we’d wish for an actual lamp.


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