For a limited time only: try Statista!

It’s great to support your points in a paper or presentation with statistics and numbers, but reliable data can be hard to find and even trickier to cite.¬†Resnick Library is running a trial of a new database that can solve these kinds of problems. It’s called Statista, and it provides statistics and data for a wide variety of topics.

For example, have you ever wondered what the most popular songs to stream were in 2015? Statista has a graph for that:

Most popular songs in the US in 2015 by streams

Plus, we pulled up this MLA citation at the click of a button (no librarians were harmed in the making of this citation):

Nielsen. “Most Popular Songs in The United States in 2015, by Number of On-demand Streams.”¬†Statista – The Statistics Portal. Statista. January 2016. Web. 4 Mar 2016.

Statista includes data on business, politics, health, media and a wide range of other areas. Give it a try before March 25th and let us know how you like it!