New Laptops for Loan!

Four new laptops are available for nursing and veterinary science students to use in the Library.   The laptops are wireless, have a built-in webcam and come with Office 2007.   Thanks to our generous donors who made this purchase possible.   Laptops can be checked out at the Library front desk.

-Enjoy!  Pam


Nursing Faculty Publishes EKG Handbook

Congratulations to Theresa A. Middleton Brosche on her new book, The EKG Handbook (2009) published by Jones & Bartlett. 

EKG Handbook cover art

 Intended for nurses in the clinical setting, this compact guide includes topics such as brief anatomy of the heart, depolarization, and repolarization, abnormal electrical conduction pathways, EKG leads and electrical activity, speedy six step method for twelve lead EKG analysis and more. 

This text is currently located in the  Resnick Library Faculty Publication Display Cabinet and is available for check-out.  It will eventually be located in the main collection at:    CIRC RC683.5.E5 B726 2010.
Theresa Ann Middleton Brosche, MSN, BSN, RN, CCRN, is an adjunct faculty with the SUNY Delhi online BSN program.  She obtained an MSN with a Specialization in Education in 2007 from Walden University, a BSN in 1987 from College Misericordia, and a Diploma in Legal Nurse Consulting in 1999 from the National Institute for Paralegal Arts and Sciences. She has served as a staff nurse, charge nurse, clinical head nurse, educator, consultant, author, and national presenter. She has authored many articles in various publications.

Library Passwords and Accounts

The library emergency password for off-campus databases (CINAHL, Lexis/Nexis, ScienceDirect, etc.) has changed for the fall semester.  You should be able to use your college ID, but if that doesn’t work, we have a temporary password that changes each semester.   Contact the library at and provide your college ID, or log into VanckoHall to get the emergency password.

As a reminder, there are 3 different possible library logins:
1. Off-campus access for databases (such as above), which is your college ID.  Only needed when you’re off campus trying to access resources such as CINAHL, ScienceDirect, etc.

2. Your Resnick Library account – that is stuff you’ve borrowed from Resnick Library.  You can view the list of loans, renew online, etc.  Your login is your college ID.

3. ILLiad Interlibrary Loan system, which allows you to borrow books, films, etc from other libraries in SUNY and around the state.   You can track requests, renew, etc.  (sign up following link on library home page, it’s free!).   Keep it simple and make your ILLiad account your college ID like the other accounts (or use your Delhi email account).


Nursing Multicultural Health Care Project

For your project, you are asked to choose an ethnic group and examine cultural values, family relationships, diet/nutrition – or- choose a religion and examine beliefs related to birth, death and dying.

There are plenty of resources available to you on site at the Library or through the library web site. Read on!

You’ll be using three basic resources for this project:

–Reference handbooks, encyclopedias and other books in the library (see our Health and Culture guide or search in the library catalogs yourself) Great for getting a quick overview of a religion or cultural group.

–Nursing and health care journal articles. These articles will be more focused on a specific topic. Use the “E-Resources by Subject” link off the library home page to access the various search engines (CINAHL, ScienceDirect, etc.). Most of these search engines will deliver the article to your desktop….or you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. Ask a librarian for details.

–Web sites (see the list of great resources we’ve already located, or try your own searching)

To get started… on the library E-Resources by subject page, scroll down to “Multicultural Topics” and “Nursing, Health” to get into the various search engines like CINAHL, World Cultures Today, etc.

How to cite your sources….
The Resnick Library APA guide shows you how to cite the most common sources you will encounter in your research. For more information, ask a librarian.

Let us know if we can help!
Pam, Angela, and Steve

Linking to Full Text Articles from PubMed

The PubMed search engine frequently provides a detailed summary of the article (abstract) along with the list of results. If you’re lucky, PubMed will also link your citation to the full text of the article somewhere else — that could be in another database that the library subscribes to (such as ScienceDirect), or it could link to the web site where the free article is available (from the publisher, organization, etc.).

You need to look in two places to track down your article from PubMed: the icon and the LINK OUT button.

First, the icon: To the left of each citation in the list of results from a PubMed search is a small icon that indicates an abstract, no abstract, or free full text available. Just click on the icon (or the title of your article) to read the abstract. This also leads you to other articles related to your search.

Next, the LINK OUT button: To the right of each citation in the list of results is the word LINKS. Click on LINKS and then click again on LINK OUT. This takes to you a new page where you have options to connect (or link) to the full text of articles in journals from another database — but only if your library subscribes to those journals.

For example, in a search for MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), I found an article in the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, August 23, 2007. The article abstract was available from PubMed, but LINK OUT connected me to the actual article in the ScienceDirect database –which Resnick Library subscribes to.

Try a couple of searches yourself and let us if you have any questions. Also try the tutorials from PubMed. They are short, narrated, and very clear! Link to the tutorials and other help on the left navigation menu of the main PubMed page.


Using PubMed for Nursing Articles

PubMed is a free search engine from the National Library of Medicine with access to over 17 million citations to articles, conference proceedings, reports and other documents from medicine, including veterinary science, biomedicine and nursing.

To limit your search to JUST nursing journals, from the  PubMed search page click on the “Limits” tab.  Scroll down to the “Subsets” box and check Nursing Journals.  Then enter your keyword search.

Nursing Journals in ScienceDirect

To find a list of the 160+ nursing journals available to you electronically through ScienceDirect database…’re just two clicks away:

1. Go to ScienceDirect. Note: From off-campus, remember to enter your 800# to access ScienceDirect.

2. On the left menu, you’ll see Browse by Title, Browse by Subject. Scroll down and select Nursing and Health Professions (under “Health Sciences” category).

You can then look at articles in a particular journal, or search by subject/keyword across all publications in the database.

NOTE: We do not subscribe to *everything* in ScienceDirect. To the left of each title is a green or white icon indicating SUBSCRIBED (green) or NON-SUBSCRIBED (white). You can also select JUST the subscribed titles (full-text available) in the Browsing menu.

Ask for help anytime by emailing, calling or IM-ing your librarians.