Elephants in the Library

bookcovergorillabook cover elephant

Students in VETS247: Exotic Medicine and Nursing, have been researching the care and management of exotic animals this month.  Their topics range from lizards and ferrets to chinchillas and llamas…and well, elephants.

These are just a few of the new books on exotics at the Resnick Library:

Elephant Reflections  (QL737.P98 A48 2009)
Gorillas, Gentle Giants (QL737.P96 H37 2008)
Clinical radiology of exotic companion mammals (SF757.8 .C26 2008)
Nutrition and behavior of uncommon species : exotic animal practice (REF SF 601 .V524)
Avian and exotic animal hematology and cytology (SF 994 .C35 2007)

New Laptops for Loan!

Four new laptops are available for nursing and veterinary science students to use in the Library.   The laptops are wireless, have a built-in webcam and come with Office 2007.   Thanks to our generous donors who made this purchase possible.   Laptops can be checked out at the Library front desk.

-Enjoy!  Pam

Office ’07 Available in Library

Thanks to the folks at CIS (Campus Information Systems), all the student computers in Resnick Library and Bush 226/Library Lab have been upgraded to Office 2007 this summer.  This includes the Merrill Room desktops.

Earlier versions of Office documents open fine  in 2007, but if you want to revert back to 2003, just ‘save as’ the older version (or RTF which is more compatible across systems).  You can also open 07 documents in Office 2003 as long as you have the free converter from Microsoft.  Ask the Help Desk if you have any questions.


New Online Databases and Trials

The Resnick Library hopes that the summer is a time for rest and relaxation for both the students and faculty of SUNY Delhi, but don’t assume for one second that your librarians have been dozing the summer away.  The Resnick Library has acquired some great new databases and titles, as well as some trial subscriptions worth checking out.  First, we’ll start with the new purchased items:

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Journals Online
AVMA publishes two excellent veterinary journals which the library has had in print for many years.  We are now happy to announce that with our print subscription comes the electronic version of the American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR) and the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) from the year 2000 to the present.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL): New Titles
The GVRL reference e-book database has been originally provided to SUNY Delhi through our consortium with the other SUNY schools (SUNYConnect), but now we are proud to announce that the following titles have been added to the collection:
Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior
Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd ed.
Encyclopedia of Race and Racism
National Survey of State Laws, 6th ed.
Psychology of Classroom Learning, an Encyclopedia

Salem History
Salem History is NOT just about the Salem witches.  Salem is a publishing company that provides great reference resources in many different subject areas.  The library has purchased a great new biographical reference resource called Musicians and Composers of the 20th Century.  This is available in the Reference section of the library in print (REF ML105 .M883 2009), but also will be available in an online database form through Salem History.  It contains biographies and histories of the great musicians of this past century.  Check it out, and look for more to come, since the library intends to purchase the 13-volume biographical reference called Great Athletes to be released in September, which will also be a part of the Salem History database package.

And now for some great titles that the library will be providing as trials for part of the Fall semester (keep in mind that by giving us feedback on these materials, we can better decide whether or not it is useful to purchase them).  All trials are found in the find articles A-Z and by Subject listings:

Art & Architecture Complete
This database if provided through EBSCO, and is shaping up to be an excellent resource as it covers a wide variety of pertinent subjects, including antiques, art and art history, interior and landscape design, and much more. We will have access for a trial period for this month and during part of the Fall semester.  It is also this month’s featured database.

This database is provided through Gale, and it is a SUNY-wide trial.  It is a new online resource that offers authoritative content on the development of emerging green technologies and discusses issues on the environment, sustainability and more.  This should be on trial for much of the Fall semester.

‘How-To’s’ for VetSci Research On-Line

Quick Research Tips for VetSci  

Researching a topic?  The on-line services on the Resnick Library website offer access to our on-line reference shelf and on-line journals where you can find articles and information on your topic. The Resnick Library website also allows you to connect with Resnick Librarians for research help using AIM (resnicklibrary), email or phone.  

Why use on-line journals (also called periodicals)?

  • You are usually able to print the full article, so you will have it right in front of you!
  • Journal articles are authoritative and much better than a random internet search
  • Journals typically will print special issues on various topics in your field, and
  • Journal articles will list ‘References’ at the end that will lead to further research and information.

 Let’s Start! 

Let’s say we want to find articles which compare and/or review software used in Veterinary practice. 

You could use any of the periodicals (journals) which we offer either on-line or in print format in Resnick Library (see attached file for complete listing). 

Here’s how you do it: Choose an on-line journal or journal index and begin your search.  

Example 1:

  1. Choose Agricola (on-line journal index) from our All E-resources by Subject page under the heading Veterinary Science.
  2. Notice you can do a keyword, basic or advanced search. The page will default to a keyword search.
  3. Type in search terms such as software, veterinary practice, etc.
  4. When you receive your returned results, scroll through and find a title or titles that you think best suit your topic (in this case ‘Paperless Practice’ looks good).
  5. Click on the titles and note the journal name, volume & number, date, and page #’s (in this example, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 1:1, June 1, 2001, p. 1776-1777).

Chances are, we have this journal article in the Library and can either copy it for you (and fax, mail, email etc) or you can Inter Library Loan the article from another institution.  

 Example 2:

  1. Let’s try the same search in PubMed (listed under Nursing/Health on All E-Resources by Subject page, don’t be afraid to try databases in other disciplines)
  2. Click on ‘All Databases’ on the top black navigation bar.
  3. Enter in our search terms ‘Software and Veterinary Practice’, click go.
  4. You’ll see 457 returned results in PubMed Central  (free, full text articles), so let’s check that out. Click on the number 457.
  5. Lot’s of good titles here! You can either click on the summary to see what the article is about, or click on the PDF which will give you the full text to read.  

You can see that in just a few steps, you can easily find articles and information you will need for just about any topic! 

There are many different databases, journals and journal indexes for you to search in, don’t forget we are closer than you think, and will help you anytime!