Winter Break Hours



Welcome Back!

Worlde4The staff of the Resnick Library would like to welcome everyone back for another great year here at Delhi!

Orientation Weekend hours will be: Friday 8am-5pm;  Saturday 8am-4pm;  Sunday noon-4pm

This year we have a new Director of the Library, although for those of you returning she will be a familiar face. Carrie Fishner assumed the role of Director this August, and is looking forward to continuing to work with all of our students in a variety of capacities at the library. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please feel free to reach out to Carrie to discuss them.

We are excited to start the new year, and look forward to working with you all!

For a limited time only: try Statista!

It’s great to support your points in a paper or presentation with statistics and numbers, but reliable data can be hard to find and even trickier to cite. Resnick Library is running a trial of a new database that can solve these kinds of problems. It’s called Statista, and it provides statistics and data for a wide variety of topics.

For example, have you ever wondered what the most popular songs to stream were in 2015? Statista has a graph for that:

Most popular songs in the US in 2015 by streams

Plus, we pulled up this MLA citation at the click of a button (no librarians were harmed in the making of this citation):

Nielsen. “Most Popular Songs in The United States in 2015, by Number of On-demand Streams.” Statista – The Statistics Portal. Statista. January 2016. Web. 4 Mar 2016.

Statista includes data on business, politics, health, media and a wide range of other areas. Give it a try before March 25th and let us know how you like it!