Citation Boot Camp

Bring your citation frustrations to Room 226 in the Resnick Library to receive help with in-text citations and your works cited page! This informal, drop-in session will give you a chance to work with a librarian who will guide you in forming complete and accurate citations.

4-5pm, on Sunday, May 5th
6-7pm on Tuesday, May 7th
4-5pm on Wednesday, May 8th
6-7pm on Monday, May 13th
8-9pm on Tuesday, May 14th

Email Megan Welsh for more details:


Plagiarism & Citations 101: New Course on Vancko Hall

Are you a professor concerned about your students’ grasp of plagiarism, or the importance of proper citation?

Are you a student worried about accidentally plagiarizing on an assignment, or improperly citing your sources?

Don’t worry, because help is here. Just click on the link that follows to log in to Vancko Hall and enroll yourself in Plagiarism & Citations 101. This short mini-course will give a brief but thorough overview of what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and how to properly cite your sources when you compose scholarly writings. The course consists of several text and video resources for you to read and/or view, followed by brief activities and quizzes for you to check your knowledge. The course can be taken (or assigned) on your schedule, and the results are available as soon as all the required activities are completed.

Click here to enroll.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Dunstan McNutt ( or Angela Rhodes ( or stop by the library at your convenience.

New MLA and APA Citation Guides

The Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) have both published new editions of their style guides in the last year. We have updated our citation guides to reflect the changes in the new editions. Go to the ‘Cite Your Sources‘ section of our website to download the newest citation guides. Both are available in PDF and RTF. The PDF version of the MLA guide can be printed on the library’s printer so that it can be folded into a booklet. The RTFs can be opened in a word processor so you can edit the formatting (i.e., increase font size).