Plagiarism & Citations 101: New Course on Vancko Hall

Are you a professor concerned about your students’ grasp of plagiarism, or the importance of proper citation?

Are you a student worried about accidentally plagiarizing on an assignment, or improperly citing your sources?

Don’t worry, because help is here. Just click on the link that follows to log in to Vancko Hall and enroll yourself in Plagiarism & Citations 101. This short mini-course will give a brief but thorough overview of what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and how to properly cite your sources when you compose scholarly writings. The course consists of several text and video resources for you to read and/or view, followed by brief activities and quizzes for you to check your knowledge. The course can be taken (or assigned) on your schedule, and the results are available as soon as all the required activities are completed.

Click here to enroll.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Dunstan McNutt ( or Angela Rhodes ( or stop by the library at your convenience.

Request New Books and DVDs through SUNYOne Pilot

SUNYOne Cooperative Library Pilot

Have you ever looked for a particular book or DVD only to find it’s not available at the Resnick Library or even another SUNY library?  With the launch of a new cooperative purchasing pilot, Delhi faculty, staff and students are  now able to request those hard to find items be purchased immediately for our library.  The ordering process is quick…often books/DVDs can be received and ready for you to use within 3-4 days.

Here’s what you need to do….

If you identify a book or DVD needed for research assignment or to supplement your coursework**, check for price (that’s the only vendor we’re using right now).  If it’s available at Amazon,  enter the information into the library “Suggest a Purchase” form on the library web site.  A librarian will get back to you within 24 hours with a decision about whether we can purchase that item or whether you should request it through ILLiad.

In the future we hope to make this “purchase on demand” system part of our interlibrary loan ILLiad system, where requests can be routed directly to a librarian for possible purchase.

**What we are NOT buying with the SUNYOne Pilot
– textbooks
– recreational materials
– ebooks or other electronic resources
– journals/articles

These you can still request through ILLiad.

Here’s more about the project…

SUNYOne Pilot, aka “The Diversifying SUNY Collections Project” has the goal of enriching the University’s library collections through purchasing materials that are currently not available in any SUNY library.  To be considered for purchase, items must be requested by faculty or students and be needed for course-related work or independent research.

Certain types of materials are not being considered for the pilot:  electronic resources, textbooks, and recreational materials.  The ten pilot campus began working in the fall of 2009 to figure out the logistics of pooling resources and purchasing cooperatively.   A single vendor was agreed upon ( and tools were created to manage the project’s initial purchases.   The pilot campuses pooled funds totaling $43,000 for the initial phase of the project.   That’s a lot of books!

Ordering commenced in January 2010, and within a few weeks, approximately 40 titles had been requested and ordered by faculty and students, totaling $1700. SUNY institutions involved are Brockport, University at Buffalo, Cortland, Delhi, Mohawk Valley, New Paltz, Oswego, Plattsburgh, Ulster, and Upstate Medical.  Background information about the purchase on demand project can be found in the April 2009 issue of SUNYergy.

Any questions, contact Pam Peters at or IM:  delhipam

Emergency Password for Accessing the Databases

The emergency password to access databases will change with the beginning of the Spring semester, but in the mean-time the Fall 2009 password will still work.   If your 800# is not working properly, this emergency password will grant you access. You can view the password on the Resnick Library’s Vancko Hall page, under the Databases Forum.  With the beginning of the spring semester, most students who were experiencing problems over the winter should find that their 800#’s are working.

If you are still having issues after the spring semester starts, check out our Troubleshooting Checklist on the Resnick Library’s Vancko Hall page, under the module for Journals: Print & Databases.

Have a great semester!

Angela Rhodes
Systems & Instruction Librarian

FACULTY: New Instruction Request Form

If you are interested in having a librarian lead an instruction session for your class, you can now make your request using our new online form.

To get to the form, click on the link under ‘Quick Links’ on the library’s home page. If you would like additional information on our instructional services, see the ‘Instruction‘ section of our website, or e-mail us at

New MLA and APA Citation Guides

The Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) have both published new editions of their style guides in the last year. We have updated our citation guides to reflect the changes in the new editions. Go to the ‘Cite Your Sources‘ section of our website to download the newest citation guides. Both are available in PDF and RTF. The PDF version of the MLA guide can be printed on the library’s printer so that it can be folded into a booklet. The RTFs can be opened in a word processor so you can edit the formatting (i.e., increase font size).

Library Passwords and Accounts

The library emergency password for off-campus databases (CINAHL, Lexis/Nexis, ScienceDirect, etc.) has changed for the fall semester.  You should be able to use your college ID, but if that doesn’t work, we have a temporary password that changes each semester.   Contact the library at and provide your college ID, or log into VanckoHall to get the emergency password.

As a reminder, there are 3 different possible library logins:
1. Off-campus access for databases (such as above), which is your college ID.  Only needed when you’re off campus trying to access resources such as CINAHL, ScienceDirect, etc.

2. Your Resnick Library account – that is stuff you’ve borrowed from Resnick Library.  You can view the list of loans, renew online, etc.  Your login is your college ID.

3. ILLiad Interlibrary Loan system, which allows you to borrow books, films, etc from other libraries in SUNY and around the state.   You can track requests, renew, etc.  (sign up following link on library home page, it’s free!).   Keep it simple and make your ILLiad account your college ID like the other accounts (or use your Delhi email account).


Log in to your Library Account!

It’s easy to renew your library books without coming to the library.  Click on Resnick Library Catalog and “Sign-In” to your account (upper right corner).  Use your Delhi ID as username and password.  You can view all the loans you have out, check the due dates, and renew books (as long as you have no holds). 

Please return all library materials by the Friday before the end of the semester:  December 14.  Special loans can be made during finals week.


Nursing Multicultural Health Care Project

For your project, you are asked to choose an ethnic group and examine cultural values, family relationships, diet/nutrition – or- choose a religion and examine beliefs related to birth, death and dying.

There are plenty of resources available to you on site at the Library or through the library web site. Read on!

You’ll be using three basic resources for this project:

–Reference handbooks, encyclopedias and other books in the library (see our Health and Culture guide or search in the library catalogs yourself) Great for getting a quick overview of a religion or cultural group.

–Nursing and health care journal articles. These articles will be more focused on a specific topic. Use the “E-Resources by Subject” link off the library home page to access the various search engines (CINAHL, ScienceDirect, etc.). Most of these search engines will deliver the article to your desktop….or you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. Ask a librarian for details.

–Web sites (see the list of great resources we’ve already located, or try your own searching)

To get started… on the library E-Resources by subject page, scroll down to “Multicultural Topics” and “Nursing, Health” to get into the various search engines like CINAHL, World Cultures Today, etc.

How to cite your sources….
The Resnick Library APA guide shows you how to cite the most common sources you will encounter in your research. For more information, ask a librarian.

Let us know if we can help!
Pam, Angela, and Steve

Business Law

What are the legal issues in your industry? 
Keep up with the professional and trade journals in your field.  Current issues are available in the Resnick Library on the main floor.  Or, find articles published in hundreds of business magazines, trade journals and newspapers through any of the electronic databases such as Business Source Premier or Lexis/Nexis.  All of these are available through the library web E-Resources by Subject page.

Check out our online reference shelf for Legal Resources and Court Decisions (scroll down page) for definitions of legal terms, the text of major supreme court decisions, links to law libraries and other useful legal resources.

How do you cite cases, laws, etc.?  
Try this excellent guide from Cornell Law School, or consult the industry standard, the Blue Book (available for purchase).